Introducing the Cosplay Star

Jarrod Davis

Like his signature Galactus cosplay, Jarrod Davis has gone from mere mortal to godlike status by becoming the Cosplay Star. Though he gravitated to supervillains when starting his cosplay journey, Jarrod is far from evil. 

His personality and excitability are contagious — even Stan Lee recognized it when Jarrod’s zombie Galactus towered over him at a Denver comic con meet and greet. According to Jarrod, Mr. Lee had “a big grin on his face," and they took a ton of photos together. A dream come true!

Jarrod’s supervillain origin story began at a Halloween party in high school when a fellow party-goer acknowledged his on-point character mannerisms. “That’s called cosplay,” she told him — and from that moment, he was a changed man.

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Cosplay Star is proud to support Starlight Children’s Foundation. Since 1982, the foundation has provided happiness to severely ill children and their families during times of hardship by offering virtual reality experiences, fun hospital wear, and video games.

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Producer, publisher, and comic creator, Brian Pulido will guide competitors on their journey to becoming the Cosplay Star. Pulido’s words and creations have been influencing the world of comics and beyond for over three decades. Among his notable works are Lady Death, A Nightmare on Elm St., Chucky, WWE, and many more.